Lighting Design & Education

By Brienne Musselman posted 05-16-2019 08:56

So you left lighting design? I did. But I didn't leave the principles behind.

I've spent 8 years learning and describing the ways that light can be a(n)....
brand reinforcement 
wayfinding contributor
task enabler
productivity companion
artistic expression
mood influencer
social cue...

I love lighting design. I always will. However, the value of lighting is difficult to describe and defend.
Enter, education. It is, and was, rewarding to educate clients about the importance of lighting in their work, play, and homes. As I moved from project to project, I realized that perhaps, I could make an impact on a bigger scale. Enter, IES Education Coordinator position. 

Here's what I hope to achieve...
1. Increase the value of lighting through free and accessible education to the general public. 
2. Promote cross-disciplinary collaboration through IES educational modalities to elevate the perception of lighting disciplines across the network of professional contributors to the built environment. 
3. Support the development of, and communication for, educational material from the IES that is forward-thinking in platform and content, to engage members in a way that's relevant to their professional development, and lifestyle. 

Lighting design provided me with a background of empathy toward designers and end users. The IES provided me with a network to gain new friends and materials to learn to approach lighting as an educated, considerate designer.

If you haven't yet, check out the Education tab on your IES page, and we'll chat soon. 

- Brienne