IES Annual Conference Young Professionals Scholarship Fund

Committee Group: Membership
Statement of Purpose:
The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Annual Conference is the premier event for lighting design professionals. The event provides educational and networking opportunities for all attendees.

The conference is particularly enriched when young professionals participate, yet it can be difficult for those who find the overall cost (travel, registration, hotel and time away from work) prohibitive.

The IES Annual Conference Young Professionals Scholarship is designed to support young professionals who would otherwise not be able to attend the IES Annual Conference. In addition, the long-term goal is to encourage firms, schools, IES Sections, manufacturers and others throughout to support the participation of students and young professionals by supporting the IES Annual Conference Young Professionals Scholarship Fund. By supporting students and young professionals to attend IES conferences everyone benefits.

The fund will be governed by the original donor(s) of the fund or their representative(s), the Executive Director of the Society, the current Immediate Past President of the Society, and two open positions to be filled by IES members who have been the recipients of the Marks Award, DSA Award, or by Fellows of the Society. The two open positions will be appointed by the Board of Directors for three year terms (non-concurrent). The Executive Director will chair the committee in a non-voting capacity. The group will be responsible for all governance, financial and programmatic matters of the fund: identifying the process and procedures for awarding scholarships, developing a mentor program at the conference for participants of the program and determining future growth of the program. This group will be referred to as The Scholarship Committee. Only interest generated from the fund may be used in awarding of scholarships.

If additional founding sponsors are identified in the first year of the fund, they too, will be represented on the governance committee.
  • Chair: Tim Licitra
  • Original Donor: Kevin Flynn
  • Original Donor: Kimberly Mercier
  • Board Liaison: Wilson Dau
  • Board Liaison: Billy Tubb
  • Staff Liaison: Tim Licitra