Street & Area Lighting Conference Executive Subcommittee

Committee Group: Society Events
Statement of Purpose The Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) Executive Subcommittee will have the following specific responsibilities as it relates to the SALC:
  • Provides oversight and governance to SALC to assure continuity and alignment of the Committee with the SALC mission and goals.
  • Along with Standing Subcommittee Chairs, develops and maintains IES SALC Policy & Procedures.
  • Nominates a slate of officer candidates at the Fall Committee meeting each year, and for any special election to fill an officer vacancy.
  • Appoints members to the Conference Planning Subcommittee, including the Chair, and Vice Chair.
  • Appoints the Site Selection Coordinator and the Education Coordinator.
  • At least one member attends each of the other Standing Subcommittee meetings.
  • Comprised of the three elected officers and the active past Chairpersons who maintain membership.
  • The Committee officers hold their respective positions on the Executive Subcommittee.
  • Chairs of Standing Subcommittees or other guests may be invited to participate in all or part of Executive Subcommittee meetings, at the discretion of the Committee Chair.
  • Chair: Scotty Hutto
  • Vice Chair: RJ Darling
  • Secretary: Rebecca Rainer
  • Board Liaison: Antonio Garza
  • Board Liaison: James Potts
  • Staff Liaison: Klara Steupert