Hamrah Ghashghaei,MIES,IALD

Senior Lighting Designer
Committee Member

Contact Details

Work Phone Number: (98)9129513099


Hamrah Ghashghaei is an Independent Lighting designer with more than 15 years experience in lighting design in various scale projects in Iran and abroad. Hamrah has worked on different types of projects from commercial complexes, residential, landscape and gardens to hotels, historical buildings and tunnels as senior lighting designer.
Hamrah graduated in electrical engineering and educated as lighting designer by participating in lighting design workshops, training courses and seminars around the world.
His knowledge of electrical engineering and control system design,Strengthens the knowledge of lighting design and leads to perfect results.This combination of artistic and technical parts of lighting design makes it more innovative and functional for customized lighting design,luminaire design,installation detail and its controlling system for each project.
 Hamrah Ghashghaei is member grade of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), Professional member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and Main member of Illuminating Engineering Society of Iranian (IESI),by different activities in various committees and international societies, tried to increase and upgrade his knowledge in this field

Job History

Hamrah Ghashghaei Lighting Design
Iran, Islamic Republic of
March 2008 - present

Honors and Awards

2017 Winner ILDC Lighting Design Awards

2019 Honorable Mention LIT Lighting Design Award
LIT Lighting Design Award